onsdag den 1. september 2010

(im)material spatiality - DAY 8

The day before exhibition - still everything is immaterial - even the material that serve as a springboard for the immaterial.

This day was the day we had to cancel our dinner at Natasha's for the first and only time. Instead we locked our selves in to our little room, and started to edit film, sound and publications. The expectations was up high but it was also in the air that if we didn't manage to get the films right and make our experiments in adorable, there wouldn't be any exhibition at all.
Silence, murmuring, half sentences as usually when humans dives into the computational forces of RAM and processor powers.
Status - the dust part of the film played out quite well. People, for a moment detached from the computer symbiosis, started to believe that the film would come out very successful in the end. Publications almost finished, the print team not knowing of all the trouble they ran into at the print shop at Brick Lane.

Its around 800pm: the film is getting there, the sounds as well, the publication finally printed on standard paper after realizing that the acid free paper bought earlier didn't work out with the printer.
As Jakob and Anders left Bethnal Green to clean up the mess and fix the installation at Platform One Gallery, there was a dull feeling that the publication wouldn't be as tempting and well crafted as we hoped for.

As we (JI and AK) arrives at Balham Station (around 900pm), we set out for a little detour to try out Waitrose for their envelope variety. We get away with a bunch of nice and clean brown envelopes exactly the size that fits our pictures.
With 6 beers, 75 envelopes and 1 antiperspirant deodorant for the exhibition day we follow our instincts to find our way. Apparently we were walking 30 min in wrong directions ending up somewhere in a huge crowd that was going to the Notting Hill Carneval. It took the taxi driver 15 min to get us back to the gallery.

Cleaning up and preparing the installation didn't cause any trouble. We left the gallery at 0.30, and arrived at the underground just as the last train had left the station. In the middle of the 2.5 hours travel to get home our mobile phones received this message; "Reporting everything done at Bethnal Green, Magnus". Arriving at Bethnal Green we noticed that everything actually was done except from a 30 min export session.
While waiting for the final films to come out we spray painted our logo on the freshly acquired envelopes - gold and black, small and large. A feeling arose that the publication after all was going to be a good piece for people to bring home.

Finally after showing the film on the wall testing the quality of the projector, we refurnished our little space into sleeping facilities again.

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