fredag den 27. august 2010

(im)material spatiality - Day 7

After a late night of browsing through our captured material, three works were sent to print in the early morning, to be used in a publication for sale during the exhibition. Discussions of which and how many works to print had kept us up late, and maybe the misty late hours kept us from getting all the way in the decisions . A vague feeling of incomplete argumentation has followed the group throughout the day.

However, the idea of doing a more complete publication after the exhibtion, including both printed material and video, emerged.

During dinner at Natasha’s, Marta joined the group, giving us even more strings to use in our investigations. Her presence as someone coming from outside the group is having a healthy impact in both making us explain what this is all about, and by that also sharpen our senses. Throughout the day recording sessions of her violin interpretations of our investigations has been added as a new layer to our common works.

As the day went on, all ongoing projects were collectively pushed to new heights as our emperic knowledge is constantly increasing and with the fact that our deadline is approaching.

Post-production, publication making, installation building as well as the last investigations are now taking place simultanously. With the void, full powers.

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