søndag den 22. august 2010

(CM)YKB 98,84,0,0 - DAY 0

Today was the day of arrivals. Arriving to the gallery Platform 1, the arrival of Sune Rieper (as the last tutor and participant of Überspass 3rd subMaterial Congress), but also the arrival of the first group-conscious experience of (CM)YKB 98,84,0,0. So what do we want to tell our selves and what do we want to tell in a wider picture? I guess arrivals always asks a lot of questions and so does this evening leave us with a lot questions posed.

As always you can dig into questions and characterize them as either extensive or intensive ones.
Extensive questions would concern everything, that divided into two would always become two half; 1L of water divided into two becomes 2x 0.5L whereas intensive questions would concern the cup of 90 degrees water, that divided into two wouldn't become two cups of 45 degrees water.

If these thing were to travel into the realm or our life, appearance and arrival at the gallery these intensive and extensive questions would, bend in neon be; 'how many m2 do we have at the gallery' and 'what do want to do when we want to do this at this place for 10 days'.

Having the fact in mind, that none of us went here without arriving at some point, it would be reasonably fair to mark this critical point where arriving is no longer to be part of the picture.
From this very moment we are appearing until our departure.
This is not a count down. This is not a revisit. Neither is it a extensive reformulation of Yves Klein and his works. What we aim to do is to dive into the beliefs that filled his young mind in his active years, go trough the bottleneck and into our own landscape of aesthetic detours investigating our own beliefs in his optics.

We have earlier stated these 10 days as a workshop with 6 participants and 6 tutors; all of these roles played out by of selves. We are intensively discussing how to structure our 10 days here at the platform gallery, and it would be a journalistic crime to say that everything is sorted out by now.

To get as close as possible, with out saying too much, we could present the strategy as and interpretation of the french cheese dish… the aware reader would say; 'But this just sounds like a description of Überspass in general.' Yeah not bad… in this case the Comte would be earth wind and fire, the Brie would be simple blue and the Chevre could be the void - who knows?

What you can quote for truth is that Überspass will have fun for 10 days!

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