onsdag den 25. august 2010

(im)material spatiality - Day 4

The day of improved preparations

Leaving the apartment this morning , there was something in the air. After the initial days of calibrating our investigations, now was the time for production.
A quick stop to get some fresh java and trusty ropes, and off we went for the gallery.

Reaching the gallery a schedule was made to get a grip of what to do. This could be some sign of us getting control of our work. When you are able to make a schedule you know what you have, what to do and perhaps how to get there.

The group split in half to get more efficient. The last preparations was made with the PFKAW (Project Formerly Known As the Windicator), invitations/posters was printed and arrangements outside our safe territorium was made. We have for some days discussed if it wouldn´t be a god thing to challenge ourself when realizing our ideas. If a hovering plastic screen could reach is full potential in an urban setting between two buildings, then it´s just to ask the owners of the building for a permission to use their property.

A new attempt in de(find)ing voids with our own bodies took place. Now in the local park, recording it from a scaffolding high above to get the right frame. Movement of the body and a recorder (camera) making us to move freely in a non-linear way through the spacetime in our search of the void.

After dinner, when the feeling was great and our expectations reached it´s peak, we met reality. Dustclouds not dusty enough, wind not windy enough and people with to much pennies invested in the same space as wanted to use. This means back to the gallery, experimenting with new materials and waiting for the right conditions.

As it turns out, the day of production became the day of improved preparations.

But as we moving towards christmas, something is soon to be fully released.

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