mandag den 23. august 2010

(CM)YKB 98,84,0,0 DAY 2

The components of the day:

London – buying materials: plastic sheets

Breakfast. Talk about introducing the wind / materialize the void

Sketch of the installation “3 conditions Ice/Water/Steam”

Preparing “windicater”

Trial and Error on the platform

Conversation with Merlin about risk assessment/ curator, art, risks, roles, gallery, attitudes

Beef Stew at NATASHAS

The Windicator in the Park

Back to London

In a bar. Uberspaß is structuring the exhibition.

In the Kitchen, discussing the organizational practice and ambitions of Uberspaß

Yesterday was the day of playing with the boundaries of the void using the space of the gallery. Today is the day of expanding our field of investigation. Expanding our investigations to the outside of the Gallery, and Expanding our sensibility to the immaterial forces of the void. The air. The wind. The atmosphere.

We are imagining four different investigations of the air.

The Windicator; The Air Attractor; The Fall of Dust; The Windpaint

Outside the gallery the trains are frequently passing by. The idea of focusing on the air pressure created by the speed, and body of the trains, seems potential.

Introducing these ideas to the authorities of the gallery everything becomes complicated. The combination of art and trains can be a dangerous cocktail and we do not fill motivated for writing “risk assessments” of our ideas. (Phillipe Petit did not ask for permission to entering the void between the twin towers). Maybe we will re-introduce the platform as one of our playgrounds, but right now the energy is not for permissions. On the other hand, a part of interfering with other territories is to knock on people doors in the search of permissions. It’s productive to think of permissions as a positive aspect of making your stuff relevant.

After a well made Beef Stew from Natashas we find our selves in a picturesque park next to the platform filled with a euphoric joy. We managed to hang up a 42 square meters of thin plastic eight meters over the green lane. The wind is blowing softly and is constantly changing the shape of the canvas in duration that seems to be slower than real time. We now believe in the meditative joy of extracting movement from the wind. Tomorrow, we will double up the size of the plastic canvas and try again.

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