fredag den 27. august 2010

(im)material spatiality - Day 6

This day of production and pleasure divides into 5 parts;
I) Finding a metal plate sized 40x40 cm.
II) Challenging the idea of dust-voids,
III) Dining at Natasha's
IV) Urbanizing the 'light weight indicator of potential space shaped by the wind' (formerly know as the Windicator)
V) Editing at Bethnal Green, Barnet House

After yesterdays metal plate hunt, tile harvest and lessons i physics (described by Magnus), our hunt for a proper sized metal plate continues in the area around Brick Lane. London seems to be a mecca of steel and yet steel seems to be quite a difficult material to acquire. Finally a back yard near Brick Lane shows promising signs. With the help of a helpful guard we manage to get away with a 100x70 cm metal plate and get it cut into 40x40 cm for the cost of 6 Carlsberg at a MC repair shop. This success is a vitamin injection to the group.

A new dust canon was made during yesterdays preparation. Filled with 6 kg of self raising flour from the local store, it is pulled up 10 m in a solitaire tree in the park behind the Wandsworth Common St. All most wind still, the flour exposed to gravity creates a falling dust column which quickly turns into a huge dust cloud as the particles hits the ground and covers the grass with a potential self raising doug.

The experiment is later done in another environment between three 20m trees. This time pulled up more than 12 m the flour creates tremendous clouds filtered by the leafs as it is carried away by the wind. All team members on site filming the performance.

Splendid again Carlos. gaspaccio, meatballs and rice, salad, water, beers and coffee for the whole team: £50

As a part of the idea of indicating, is the idea of changing environments. By this we will change the perception of the immaterial space and the public will become a part of the story. Children's bedtime postponed as the 36m2 sheet hovers above expensive cars and frames the view of £100.000 villas.

As we arrive at Barnet Grove, Bethnal Green; red wine in blue bags, its obvious that postproduction in late hours is quite often more post than production. 3 photos are chosen for the publication as early bedders will get up early in the morning to print them. The rest of the crowd will rest and arrive at the gallery full powers with expectations hovering above the platform.

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