torsdag den 26. august 2010

(im)material spatiality - Day 5

Today; a lesson in physics.

i) Substance
When exposed to both extreme heat and extreme cold:
a. ceramic tile will crack
b. skifer rock will break in equal parts
c. glass will shatter in multiple

When ones intentions is to expose a material to these extreme conditions, only one material will suffice: Metal. This material is scarce, harvesting it can be a difficult task. The keyword is endurance.

ii) Fahrenheit
When moisture in the atmosphere is condensed, water vapor into drops heavy enough to fall to the Earth. This might interfere with any activity involving the great outdoors, in particular experimentation with small dust particles which, when exposed to water, will increase its volume and transform into something generally undesirable.

Under these conditions one may find it best to stay indoors. A good way to spend this time is to prepare for better days, and focus on your immediate interior space. When that sunny day comes around, you'll be glad you did.

iii) Relativity
Counting by the Gregorian calendar, a full week has passed since Überspaß again has teamed up. As these logs are testament to, many discussions has taken place, many decisions has been made, many dinners have been consumed, and some work has even been done. It is sadly too complicated and unnecessary to discuss Albert Einstein in this paragraph, but one thing has been proven for a fact. Time is relative.

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