søndag den 22. august 2010

(CM)YKB 98,84,0,0 - DAY 1

With the void, full powers
During the breakfast at Natasha's the discussions came to circle around voids – how they are defined and their relation to the solid. Later while organizing the gallery space, filled up with tools and equipment, the urge for void emerged. The gallery space was cleaned out, giving us the feeling of an empty canvas ready to be loaded with content.

Further more the discussions came to center around immateriality, leading us to the desire of investigating the immaterial void. Could the void be defined over time, only existing by overlaying a spatial memory?

After a range of technical trials and errors, the first immaterial void was defined through a looping circular one person movement in the gallery space. The act, becoming ritual and almost meditative, defined a void through the contrast between the space of flux and the static space in the center, similar to the tornadoes turbulent vortex and its calmness of its eye.

A second void was defined by a five person's repetitive linear movements through the gallery. The solid human mass filled up the space and defined a narrow linear void through it. As we kept on going back on forth, the voids halo emerged, almost becoming tangible.

At this point, we started to discuss memory in relation to space, and how and if to represent what we have just investigated. The discussions continued over a delicious Paella at Natasha's, where the idea of also documenting the void in sound was presented.

Back in the gallery, a double-stereo recording of a rubber ball, bouncing at the gallery's edges was made. The ball's contact with the different surfaces, the velocity of the ball decreasing while the frequency of the bounces increased defined a spatial audio representation of the empty space.

A third visual investigation of a void was made, this time the representational recording equipment left the plan view in favor for the eye perspective, to boost the three dimensionality of the void production.

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