tirsdag den 10. august 2010

People flow - context inclusion

From a public square in Krakow, I'm thinking a little bit about how we could include people in our proces or in the final exhibition, if such a thing will ever exist.

The recording was done because I found my self with a completely shitty blue pen at a sidewalk café trying to capture the idea of people flow in a small narrative as a means of including time - quite impossible and rather stressful it felt.

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These are the notes I did with the shitty pen:

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  1. First of all, thanks for this multi-media post! It makes me think of two things:

    1. The kind of 'activation' you talk about in the .mp3 could be done conscious or unconscious by the people on the platform. I have to say that I am more intrigued by the idea that just their presence on the platform makes something happen/activates something than having them to push a button. A dream scenario would be to construct a machine that keeps working after we've left, maybe (de)constructing a house or making a drawing, as people pass by the platform.

    2. I think the idea in the .mp3 about considering the people flow as our context, we have a clear (solid/)void situtation of people where people comes/leaves in crowds with a clear contrast-effect. It's interesting. However, I'm also very interesting in places in relation to memory. Can a place hold a cache memory? Like remembering the last 200 people on the platform and superimpose them by projection five mintues later? Or looking back behind your shoulder seing what you just did.

    Well, this is just some vague thoughts out of time- and economic arrangements for this workshop. But let's keep the discussion going..