mandag den 16. august 2010

Monochrome logotype and invitation

(CM)YKB 98, 84, 0, 0

Between 20th and 30th of August 2010 Überspaß - no RSS architecture - will territorialize at Platform 1 Gallery in London. A workshop, made up of 6 tutors and 6 participants will be held, let’s call it the 6 + 6 = 6 concept. The workshop’s starting point is coined to (CM)YKB 98,84,0,0, referring to Yves Kleins immaterial architecture, leaps into the void and last but not least, the colour blue.

However, as Yves Klein Blue is out of the CMYK gamut, as implied in the title, it is not a question of a revisit, rather use Yves Klein’s work as a starting point of a number of detours referring back and forth.

On Sunday the 29th of August 2010, the process and result of the workshop will be presented at the Gallery, food and drinks will be served from 2 pm.

Überspaß is a geographicly indetermed platform for architectural detox. Überspaß was founded as a collective in Interscandinavia in 2006. However, in december 2009 the
collective as well as the geographical determinisme was dissolved, a new logo was released and the platform was established. Ever since, the mission has been to investigate how to structure geographically indetermed collective creative processes. Contact: +44(07)546232800 / uberspass(alphakrull)

Platform 1 Gallery is located Wansworth Common Station (Trains from Victoria, London Bridge & Clapham Junction or Bus 319).

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