tirsdag den 24. august 2010

(im)material spatiality - Day 3

Reaching midpoint for the workshop.

Homemade breakfast at our basecamp in Bethnal Green. Porridge and baked beans was served.

The natural change in process, made the start of the day a bit different. Going from the colorcode (cm)ykb, changing into studies of immaterial impacts on spatial insight, made a excursion to the local artshop to find material that could help us express our interest in representing the immaterial. During the previous days of the Submaterial Congress workshop, we had through discussions in random pubs, and on site, realised, that our focal point in this workshop, has not really concerned the color blue, but rather the urge to experience Yves Kleins immaterial sensibility in realising the void through wind.

A dust bomb was created and studies of how a windpainting could be constructed was discussed and tested in small mock-ups.

The divingboard phenomenon, seeing Yves Klein as the board and Überspaß’s process as the dive, has been clear throughout the past days. When being in the jump, one does not grasp the time and change, before the other element embrasses and draws you in.

Sending out invitation and making posters was started. The printshop behind the gallery was attacked, and we forced them to make a good deal…

All things has now been activated.

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