søndag den 8. august 2010

Emphasising the void through light (UPDATE)


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This proposal is a continuation of Jakobs previous sketch.
When the door opens the light is turned off.
The void is revealed through the objects hanging, leaning etc. in the room.
When the door closes, the ultra violet (Blue) is turned on and the objects melts together and creates a "unified" blue space.
These object could be seen as paintings, sculpures, pics, food etc. within the space.
When the door is again closed, the lightings are the only objects standing out, thereby creating a connection beween the two worlds. the world of void and the world of blue

(the sketch show two actions at the same time.)

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  1. I like the idea of light switching off when someone enters as opposed to activating something one turns an effect off instead. It would be like ruining a small party the moment you enter.

    But then how is the blue light activated?

    Seeing this performance as somehow underlining two different conditions interpreted as "void" and "blue". meaningful/not meaningful, is also a cool direction.

    In a sense there would be two exhibitions, the lit and the unlit, one of which would not become meaningful until the other was activated. nut until the button is pushed, the message is not fully conveyed

  2. we must not forget that the space hopefully is already filled with stuff: excited and curious people

  3. @magnus

    The blue light is switched on by a dobble switch, meaning, when pulled it both turns on and off. It should be farely simple to make such a mechanism

    I think that showing two sides, here referred to the VOID and the BLUE, it gives a inside to both of the worlds that WE have to deal with throughout the SUBmaterial congress.
    In this idea, the threshold lies not within you, but is a reaction to the other participants of the congress.

    You could look at the exhibtion as two. One revealing one thing, the other another thing. All depended on a little switch which Bjarne controls when he wants to enter and see what inside.

    This pisses of Lenny, because he really likes blue, but when people keeps entering the space, the light flix between void and blue world.

  4. Anders made a post earlier about the "BEAM LAZER DREAM". We could look at it in this way, when blue light is turned on, the void is exposed (the void could in this sense also be looked at as blue). when the door is open, the whole room is blue.


  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BznwsT6r_tM

  6. yes yes
    i think this idea has great potential
    i somehow like the idea of there being a different action to reactivate the blue.
    also we need to consider what exactly the objects/pattern on the wall or whatnot in the unlit condition.